Miguna Miguna: What will President Ruto tell Kenyans in 2027?

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Lawyer Miguna Miguna has wondered about what President William Ruto will tell Kenyans in 2027, during campaigns before the general elections.

Miguna raised the concerns after a section of Kenya Kwanza government leaders disclosed that there was nothing the government could do to bring down the cost of fuel.

In a statement, Miguna noted that it was unacceptable for a government to lack options for saving citizens from high fuel prices.

“If Kenya had no say over the global economic situation, why did we have elections in August 2022?”

2023 Africa Climate Summit. TV47
Kenya’s President William Ruto addressing delegates at the 2023 Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi. PHOTO/COURTESY

“If an elected Kenya government has no power to alleviate the impact of the global economic conditions on Kenyans, why did the Kenya Kwanza coalition tell voters that it had better plans than Azimio to do exactly that?” Miguna noted in a statement.

Miguna’s remarks emerged after Energy Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir last week told the National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Energy that there was nothing the government could do about the cost of fuel.

 “There is nothing the government can do to bring down the cost of fuel,” said Chirchir.

The controversial lawyer also asked President Ruto to explain to Kenyans why the country held elections in 2022 if the government has no power to cushion its citizens against high fuel prices.

“Are the chatterers abusing Kenyans know that there are elections coming up in August 2027?”

“Will you campaign on the platform of doing nothing in the face of the high cost of living? Will you tell Kenyans that the Treasury will be run by the IMF and the World Bank?” Muguna asked.

Miguna who supported President William Ruto in the 2022 presidential campaigns, advised him to warn his allies against insulting Kenyans.

For instance, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary (CS) Moses Kuria had told Kenyans complaining about the high fuel prices to drill their own fuel.

In a separate incident, CS Kuria had earlier told Kenyans that fuel prices would increase monthly by Ksh10 up to February 2024.

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