I was making KSh 397k a week as a school drop out- Kones

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Levi Kones is a Kenyan journalist and author. He revealed that he used to make USD 2700 which is KSh 397,000 in his first job in USA.

Speaking on TV47’s digital show ‘Unfiltered‘, Kones narrated how he re-located to USA to go study Sports Medicine.

It was not long before he got a job with Coca Cola as a territorial manager.

“I applied for a territorial managerial job by Coca-Cola Company. It was a job that required certain qualifications,” said Kones.

“I do not know what happened or who are the people who applied because surprisingly, I got the job.”

Kones drops out of school

After Kones received his first paycheck, he made the decision to drop out of school.

“The moment they gave me my first paycheck, I looked at it and asked myself; si we go to school to make money and si I’m making money?” He said.

He however did not inform his parents that he had dropped out of school.

The job was however short lived after he was asked to prove citizenship by his employer.

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“In my application, I had written that I was an American citizen. Everyone used to write that anyway,” said Kones.

“No one would follow up normally. I figured somebody must have called when I was asked for my documents. I knew the job was over.”

“I went home packed my bags and left Kansas State where I resided.”


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