South Africa: DJ Sbu Slammed for claiming COVID lockdown is looming

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Brian Kinyanjui
Brian Kinyanjui
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South Africans have taken to social media to criticize DJ Sbu for potentially causing unnecessary panic.

DJ Sbu posted on his social media suggesting that another lockdown might be looming for South Africans.

The Renowned media personality recently issued a caution to his followers, advising them to be financially prudent.

Panic over Tweet

Additionally, he went on to request fellow citizens to make wise business decisions, citing the possibility of a forthcoming lockdown.

In a post on his X, formally Twitter handle, He conveyed this message stating that lockdowns are already being implemented overseas.

Consequently, he added that it’s only a matter of time before South Africa follows suit. His tweet read as follows:

“Lockdowns 2nd round soon. It’s happening overseas. Clearly Sekunjalo. Get ready Hustlers. Don’t spend your money. Prepare your business for challenging times ahead.”

“I might be wrong. This is not an official message, I’m suspecting & taking precautions. Just be responsible with your money guys.”

This announcement prompted a strong reaction from social media users, with many accusing DJ Sbu of causing panic among South Africans. 

Consequently, individuals argued that he should leave such announcements to the government and official channels.

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Dj Sbu controversy

The Lengoma featured artist is not shy of controversy in his career life. Previously in the year, he claimed that South African women are more beautiful as compared to those from Kenya and Tanzania.

DJ Sbu stirred a mirage of opinions from his statements making him a hot-click name to pull up in public.

DJ Sbu in Kenya for a brand endorsement deal and hanging out with artists Tina Ardor (Left) and Liz Ogumbo (Right) Source: Instagram
DJ Sbu in Kenya for a brand endorsement deal and hanging out with artists Tina Ardor (Left) and Liz Ogumbo (Right) Source: Instagram

The hitmaker was spotted in Kenya from his social media posts which also sparked speculation on what he could be up to.

DJ Sbu has been spotted around Westlands taking photos with music artists and wine connoisseur Liz Ogumbo.

The DJ was also spotted working on a brand endorsement shoot with Kenyan singer and composer Tina Ardor.

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