‘Counties committed to supporting youth innovations’ – Governor Waiguru says as she launches App that will revolutionise Kenya’s public participation

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Council of Governors (CoG) Chairperson Anne Waiguru says County Governments are committed to supporting innovations by young people.

Waiguru said counties recognise the immense potential of young people and the need to help them create opportunities for self-employment.

Speaking during the official launch of Badilico App — a digital innovation that promises to revolutionize public participation in Kenya, the Kirinyaga Governor said county governments are actively promoting endeavors by youth to harness their innovative and technological skills by guiding and connecting them to the market.

“We recognize the critical role we must play in supporting and implementing such transformative tools. We are committed to working alongside young innovators to ensure that their creations find practicality within the County Governments,” Waiguru said.

Governor Anne Waiguru during the official launch of Badilico App — a digital innovation that promises to revolutionize public participation in Kenya.

She said counties are offering young innovators avenues to exhibit their innovations with an aim of facilitating valuable connections with potential investors and opportunities for expansion.

‘Gov’t should assist the youth’

Waiguru emphasized that at a time when the world was facing challenge of unemployment and other economic constraints, it was prudent for the government to assist the youth to channel their creativity, knowledge, and passion into innovations that have the potential to transform their lives and the nation.

The COG chair said that the council had played a great role in guiding the Badilico App innovators into understanding the public participation gap and the opportunity that a digital platform could offer to maximize inclusion as envisioned in the constitution.

Governor Anne Waiguru with EALA MP Maina Karobia during the official launch of Badilico App.

Badilico App

She said Badilico App offers the government a path to achieving the transparency, accountability, participation, and inclusiveness that the Constitution envisions

“The App has the potential to help Governments to actively engage citizens in planning and policy-making processes, facilitate open communication, ensure access to information, establish platforms for citizen participation, and conduct civic education, among other crucial responsibilities,” she added.

Waiguru said there exists gap in inclusion of the public in County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) development and offering real time grass root feedback from the bottom up.

“The Badilico App has the potential bringing us closer to a future where every Kenyan feels connected to the decisions that affect their lives,” the governor said.

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