Three journalists seriously injured as fight erupt in chang’aa raid

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Journalists on Monday, September 18 found themselves on the receiving end of irate local brewers in Matungulu, Machakos County.

It all started when the three journalists were covering an exercise by residents to weed out illicit brew in the area.

The exercise ended up on the banks of River Kiatine Ngomeni, where the residents had gotten wind the brewers were hiding their chang’aa.

Unfortunately, the brewers and their customers were not ready to sit pretty and watch their goods destroyed by the villagers. It was at this point that they ganged up against the residents.

The ensuing melee saw the journalists – who have since been identified as Michael Ndunda (Kamba TV), Bony Mutisya (Mutongoi TV) and Richard Munyao (Athiani FM) – seriously injured.

Their vehicle was also vandalised by the brewers and their customers.

Ndunda is currently receiving treatment, with police arriving at the scene.

More to follow…

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