Joseph Odongo: 81-year-old man who disappeared after family wrangle returns home 51 years later

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In a village nestled deep within the heart of Homa Bay County, an astonishing and almost unbelievable event has left the entire community in shock and disbelief.

After an astounding half-century, a remarkable tale of an 81-year-old man’s return has sent shockwaves through the village.

Joseph Odongo, at the tender age of 30, vanished without a trace from his humble abode in Riwa village, West Kanyada location, in the fateful year of 1972.

The circumstances surrounding his disappearance were shrouded in controversy, a bitter family dispute that tore him away from his roots.

As the years went by, the village transformed, and a generation was born that had only heard whispers of the mysterious figure named Joseph Odongo. No one below the age of 60 could lay claim to having seen him in the flesh.

Joseph Odongo
Joseph Odongo who vanished into thin air 51 years ago. Photo/Courtesy

He became a legend of the past, until the unbelievable happened.

Moreover, Mzee Odongo revealed that his decision to vanish into thin air had been a response to a bitter clash with his now-deceased brother.

In a strange twist of fate, he had informed only a select few family members of his intended destination—Sikri beach, a few kilometers from his home. Little did they know that this would be the last they’d see of him.

In addition, Mombasa became his sanctuary, his refuge, where he concealed himself from a world that had seemingly forgotten him.

In those days of scarce communication, tracing his whereabouts proved an insurmountable challenge. The village reluctantly concluded that he must have met an unfortunate end.

However, amidst the whispers of despair, one voice, that of his sister-in-law Matasia Akelo, aged 90, continued to echo with hope. She steadfastly clung to her belief that Mzee Odongo would one day return to their embrace, a conviction that defied logic and the passage of time.

Joseph Odongo
Joseph Odongo returns back after 51 years met with love and celebration from his villagers. Photo/Courtesy

Then, in a breathtaking twist of fate, the prodigal son made his triumphant return. Mzee Odongo, a man who had spent over half a century in the shadows, revealed that he had been residing in Likoni, Mombasa County, where he worked day and night as a humble security guard.

The revelation sent shockwaves through the village, and it was West Kanyada Location Chief Kenneth Achieng who found himself at the epicenter of this astonishing tale. Mzee Odongo, after years of self-imposed exile, had walked into the Chief’s office at Kabunde, seeking the assistance he needed to reunite with the family he left behind over half a century ago.

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