“I advice based on science, not truthful voodoo!” – CS Moses Kuria says after backlash

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Trade cabinet secretary Moses Kuria has responded to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua after he told off the minister over the way he responded to the Fuel hike crisis in the country.

According to CS Kuria, it is his duty as a minister to advise on business based on science.

“As Minister responsible for the Private Sector mine is to advise a business based on science not truthful voodoo,” Kuria said

Kuria insisted on his previous stance that Kenya will not experience a decrease in fuel prices in the foreseeable future.

“August fuel stocks will land in October. The cost is well known and it’s scientific.

“September shipments will land in November. Costs are also known.

“From there, we move to Winter in the US and expected stockpiles.

“And then the bilateral arrangements between Saudis and Russia on the one side and China and India on the other hand plus ongoing oil cuts.

This is in reference to the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia on September 5, to extend their voluntary oil production cuts through the end of this year.

The agreement will see an increase in global fuel prices as the two nations seek to trim 1.3 trillion barrels of crude oil from the global market.

CS Kuria came under fire from Kenyas following his utterances on Saturday.

The minister instructed Kenyans to dig their own wells if they felt that fuel prices were too high.

“If you keep saying fuel prices have hiked from morning to evening…. why not dig your own well?

“The whole world knows crude oil prices have hiked, if those noisy people have their well, I am ready to dig it so that fuel prices reduce,” Kuria said. 

This led Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to cool down the tension indicating that the opinions held by the CS don’t reflect on President William Ruto’s agenda.

“I want to call upon fellow leaders, particularly those that our President, H.E Dr William Ruto has given the privilege to serve Kenyans to exercise caution in addressing Their Employer- the People of Kenya. It is Insensitive to talk down on The People.” Dp Gachagua stated

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