Adopt one-child policy, Atheists Society tells President Ruto

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President William Ruto’s government should implement a once-child policy to control the population, the Atheists in Kenya Society (AIK) now says.

The society argues that a one-child policy will provide both social and economic advantages for future generations.

AIK further argues that a decrease in population will lead to less competition among citizens for jobs and unemployment will be reduced.

“Implementing a one-child policy will also promote family planning, hold population growth under control and raise the life quality of the Kenyan population,” AIK President Harrison Mumia says in a statement.

Kenya’s youth bulge

The society further rues that Kenya is facing a youth bulge, with the age group (below 35 years) consisting of 75% of the country’s population.

Data shows that the youth unemployment in the countryn currently stands as high as 35%, something AIK says can be righted using the one-child policy.

“Too many births in Kenya is one reason why we are experiencing economic hardships and cultural backwardness. The population should be controlled to combat poverty in Kenya,” Mumia adds.

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