When a teenager driving at 200km/h lost control of a BMW, crashing into a cop making traffic stop

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In May this year a police officer in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States escaped death by a whisker when a teenager lost of control of his BMW car.

On the fateful day, the cop was making a routine traffic stop, about 20 miles from Capitol Hill.

A police officer made a routine traffic stop when suddenly, a teenage driver lost control of a car in Fairfax County.

Out of the blue, a black 2018 BMW M3 driven by a 17-year-old lost control.

The car spun several times and swerved into opposite lane, before ramming into both the car that had been pulled over and the police car.

Ina video captured by a dashcam, the unidentified police officer is seen running for his dear life, narrowly escaping a catastrophic crash.

The BMW car spun several times, dashed across traffic before crashing into the car that had been pulled over. The cop is seen running for his dear life.

The driver who had being pulled over was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the teen driver was charged with misdemeanour reckless driving.

“Parents and guardians should consider using this video as an opportunity to have a conversation with their teen drivers about how their driving behaviour can affect the lives of others,” police said.

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