Jalang’o warns ODM: Lang’ata seat at risk in 2027 without his candidacy

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Jalang’o, the man with a mission, firmly believes that he’s the ace in ODM’s deck when it comes to securing the Lang’ata parliamentary seat in the upcoming 2027 election.

Born as Phelix Odiwuor, this fearless lawmaker has been through the storm, even facing expulsion from the Raila Odinga-led party.

Jalang'o in a political rally
Jalang’o at a rally

He dared to associate with the government, a move that ruffled feathers within ODM’s ranks.

But make no mistake, Jalang’o isn’t budging. He’s an ODM loyalist, and he’s here to stay.

In a spirited declaration, Lang’ata’s MP, Jalang’o, exudes unwavering confidence that he’s the perfect candidate to keep the Lang’ata seat within ODM’s grasp in the upcoming 2027 general election.

To him, denying him the ODM ticket to defend the seat would be nothing short of political hara-kiri for the party.

Jalnag’o with president Ruto

Jalang’o doesn’t mince words when he asserts his position. He boldly stated,

“I have other options; I could easily switch to UDA, PAA, or even run as an independent candidate. But I’m a staunch member of ODM, and I’m determined to be the torchbearer for this constituency using ODM’s ticket. Unless they want to gift-wrap this seat for the opposition, we are here until the final bell rings.”

The relative newcomer to the National Assembly, found himself shown the door alongside other prominent figures within the party. Elisha Odhiambo, the MP for Gem, Caroli Omondi of Suba South, Gideon Ochanda from Bondo, and Kisumu Senator Tom Ojienda all faced a similar fate.

Their expulsion sent shockwaves through the political landscape, but Jalang’o remains undeterred, ready to face whatever challenges come his way in his pursuit of retaining the Lang’ata seat for O

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