Actress Jacky Vike’s emotional appeal to Governor Sakaja sparks attention

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Jacky Vike, is an actress, comedian, and content creator famously known as ‘Awinja’ from her role on Citizen TV’s ‘Papa Shirandula,’.

She passionately reached out to Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja for assistance in securing her mother’s much-needed retirement package.

Jacky Vike
Jacky Vike

In a candid conversation on the ‘Convo Unscripted’ podcast, Vike shared that both of her parents had served as City Hall officers, commonly referred to as ‘kanjos,’ in the past.

While her father had sadly passed away years ago, her mother, who has retired from her City Hall position, is still awaiting her retirement benefits.

Vike revealed the long-standing struggle her mother has faced in pursuing her entitled retirement package from City Hall.

Despite her persistent efforts over the years, the situation remains unresolved, and her mother is on the verge of losing hope.

Jacky Vike with her Mum and Dad when she was young

With Governor Sakaja now occupying the highest office at City Hall, Vike is making a heartfelt plea for his intervention.

She expressed how her father played a significant role in their lives but passed away when she was in high school.

Consequently, her mother bore the weight of raising their family on her shoulders with the meagre earnings she received from City Hall.

Vike emphasized the hardships her mother endured while providing for their family.

She underlined the importance of the retirement package for her mother’s well-being and peace of mind in her retirement years.

In a direct appeal to Governor Sakaja, Vike implored him to assist her in ensuring that her mother finally receives the retirement dues she rightfully deserves.

Her mother’s years of dedicated service to City Hall should be acknowledged and honoured, and Vike believes that Sakaja can play a pivotal role in achieving this essential resolution.

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