Chebet Ronoh reveals Andrew Kibe helped her rebuild from scratch

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In a heart-to-heart conversation that left us all spellbound, the incredible content creator and entertainer, Chebet Ronoh, bared her soul to the world.

She didn’t just open up; she unleashed a torrent of raw, unfiltered emotions, and it was nothing short of inspiring.

Chebet Ronoh was grateful to Kibe
Chebet Ronoh has been through a journey that would make most of us stumble and fall.

Ronoh’s darkest chapter

Chebet admitted to the darkest chapter in her life.

A time when she sabotaged her own potential, squandering golden opportunities that glittered on her path.

To begin with, she spoke about her battle with the bottle, and how alcohol gripped her in its relentless claws.

It’s a tale of resilience and redemption as she triumphed over her own demons.

Astonishingly, she said those who claimed to champion feminism and women in the media were the ones who hurled judgment and trolls at her.

Chebet Ronoh rose above it all

Andrew Kibe coming through

Ronoh divulged Andrew Kibe, the controversial content creator played a pivotal role in her life.

He delivered bitter truths wrapped in the cloak of tough love, helping her stand on her feet when she had lost all hope.

He asked for nothing in return, a true friend in the storm.

Ronoh laid bare the fact that many who flocked to her side did so because of her name and net worth.

Surprisingly, they couldn’t see the self-doubt that was eating her alive, the very thing that drove her to self-sabotage.

Addressing the rumours of a feud with megastar Elsa Majimbo, she silenced the naysayers.

Ronoh’s healing journey

Addressing the rumours of a feud with megastar Elsa Majimbo, she silenced the naysayers.

In the same breath, She celebrated Elsa’s meteoric rise.

Despite it all, she applauded her leap of faith that took her soaring through the skies.

Additionally, the most stirring part of Chebet Ronoh’s confession was her declaration of independence.

Wellness journey

Similarly, she noted she is working on getting rid of the shackles of people-pleasing.

Further, she would no longer dim her own light for anyone. It’s a profound statement of self-love and self-worth.

Now, it’s all about growth, wellness, and embracing success as she should have from the very beginning.

The phoenix has risen from the ashes, and Chebet Ronoh’s story reminds us that, no matter how tough the journey, there’s always a path to redemption.

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