Saitabao: Why Raila’s 2022 chief agent will vie for presidency in 2027

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Lawyer Saitabao ole Kanchory has reiterated on why he will be running for the country’s top office in the 2027 General Election.

Saitabao says that several Kenyans have asked him why he wants to run for president in 2027, and he insists the answer is simple.

“Kenyans deserve better than they’ve gotten over the years and now more than ever before they seem ready for better.”

From left to right: Martha Karua, Raila Odinga and Saitabao ole Kanchory during a past event. Saitabao was Raila’s and Karua’s chief agent during the 2022 Presidential Election. He has since declared that he will be going for the top seat himself in 2027.

He adds that time is ripe for young and courageous leaders to take control of the country in the next elections, foreseeing a fierce presidential contest.

“The next election will be like none you’ve ever seen in this country,” he adds.

‘Give Ruto time to deliver or fail’

Satabao, who was Raila Odinga’s chief agent in the 2022 Presidential Election, has also urged Kenyans to giver President William Ruto ample time to either deliver on his promises or fail.

“… let’s allow President William Ruto time and space to deliver or fail on his own accord. This doesn’t mean his gov’t should not be held to account for any failures, abuses or excesses. 4 years is shorter than it sounds or looks.”

The front cover of ‘Why BABA is not THE 5TH’. In this book, Saitabao ole Kanchory gives a blow by blow account, as well as the insiders view of why long-term opposition leader Raila Odinga failed to win the presidency in 2022, even though it was his to lose.

Sataibao declares presidential bid

While declaring his presidential bid, Saitabao said it was due to public demand.

He said that when Kenyans went to the polls in 2022, they were hoping for a new and better Kenya, but that is not the case.

“That promise and many many more remain unfulfilled. The next election is 4 short years away and since the campaigns have started (or never stopped), let me take this early opportunity to answer your call for me and other courageous young leaders to rescue our country from the wicked grip of political deception, conmanship and corruption that cuts across the current political divide.”

He added: “If we are tired of the same old FAKE folks, faces and stories, let’s make 2027 the YEAR of TRUE CHANGE and a NEW DAWN. Now you have a reason to VOTE on 10th August 2027.”

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