Kenya could remove visa requirement for all visitors- President Ruto

President Ruto: It is unfair to ask anybody coming home for visa

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Kenya is seriously considering abolishing any visa requirement for persons travelling to the country, this is according to President William Ruto.

Speaking on Monday, September 4 during the official opening of the Africa Climate Summit at KICC, Nairobi, President Ruto reiterated on his pan-African dream of uniting the continent.

But in a bid to bring the point home, Ruto used an unconventional reason.

“A few kilometers from here, scientists – including myself – discovered and located the earliest remains of man on earth,

” In other words, this is where humanity began. Before you guys went all over Europe, Asia… this is where we all began. Therefore allow me to welcome you home…

“In a few months, we are seriously considering abolishing any visa requirement because it is unfair for anybody coming home for to get a visa.”

Koobi Fora, a paleoanthropological site and Museum situated in Sibiloi National Park on the Eastern shores of Lake Turkana, is popularly celebrated as the Cradle of Mankind.

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