Wahu pregnant again? Husband Nameless denies

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Singer Nameless has addressed recent speculations circulating on various social media platforms regarding his wife, Wahu Kagwi.

The rumour circulating is that Wahu could potentially be pregnant.

"We love goofing around'' The Mathenges 'Nameless & Wahu' Quickfire. Source: Parents Magazine
“We love goofing around” The Mathenges ‘Nameless & Wahu’ Quickfire. Source: Parents Magazine

-Rumour has it-

These rumours began to gain traction following a photo shared by singer King Kaka.

Nevertheless, the photo featured the couple at a recent event hosted by the rapper over the weekend.

Nameless and Wahu at the Coliseum Nairobi National Museum/Source Instagram @thekingkaka

In the shared photo, Wahu was elegantly attired in a black trouser suit that subtly hinted at a slightly rounded abdomen.

Coincidentally, She was photographed affectionately alongside her husband, who was also sporting a coordinating outfit.

-The clarification-

However, during an interview on Milele FM, Nameless came out to promptly dismiss the pregnancy claims.

While on the interview, he clarified that he was not willing to be ‘Father Abraham.’

Nameless and Wahu during photoshoots/ Source Google Images

He humorously explained that Wahu’s recent change in appearance was attributed to her healthy eating habits.

Nameless clarifies if wife Wahu is pregnant again on Milele FM. Source: Instagram @ankaliray

Moreover, he also highlighted that this was due to breastfeeding and particularly her fondness for consuming a lot of porridge.

Wahu and Daughter Nyakio on a month's Photoshoot Source: Instagram @wahukagwi
Wahu and Daughter Nyakio on a month’s Photoshoot Source: Instagram @wahukagwi

Putting the rumours to rest, Nameless clarified that Wahu was planning to return to her regular gym routine to maintain her fitness.

-Who are the Mathenge’s?-

The Mathenge’s are an ideal Kenya celebrity family many look up to.

The couple is famous for staying clear of celebrity messes and still remaining relevant over time and generations.

The Mathenges: Nameless, Wahu, children; Tumiso, Nyakio & Shiru
The Mathenges: Nameless, Wahu, children; Tumiso, Nyakio & Shiru

Wahu recently welcomed a baby girl in her early forties. In an interview, she said it was always her dream to have a third child.

Thereafter, she said that it was good to wait for God to have a child. All in good timing.

Wahu having mum time with baby Shiru Source: Instagram @wahukagwi
Wahu having mum time with baby Shiru Source: Instagram @wahukagwi

Nameless and Wahu have three children: Tumiso Mathenge, Naykio Mathenge and the new addition, Shiru Mathenge.

In brief, David Mathenge known by the stage name Nameless’ married fellow artist Rosemary Kagwi stage name Wahu in 2005 and started a family.

Nameless and Wahu early in their marriage. Source: Google Images
Nameless and Wahu early in their marriage. Source: Google Images

Their firstborn is Tumiso Mathenge whom Wahu and the country were smitten over through Wahu’s song “Sweet love”

-Mathenge Reality TV-

The couple has managed to keep their marriage and family private and without drama for almost twenty years.

Subsequently, the Mathenges have a 13-part Docu-series on the streaming platform Showmax.

Furthermore, the show highlights their timeless love, flavourful life, and outstanding history.

In spite of their apparent smooth sailing, they shared their lessons in life on how to keep a celebrity family like theirs going.

This Love | Episode 1 teaser | Nameless and Wahu | First on Showmax
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