Ruto: I have no issue with our opposition friends; they’re executing their mandate

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President William Ruto now says that he has no issues with the opposition – Azimio-One Kenya Coalition – members, because they are executing their constitutional mandate.

Speaking during the launch of Bungoma County Aggregation and Industrial Park on Monday, August 28, President Ruto said that the opposition are discharging their responsibility of acting as the watchdog for the people of Kenya.

“I have no issue with our friends in the opposition, they are discharging a constitutional responsibility of oversight and we have even made things easy for them,” he said. “I have given instructions that members of my cabinet go to parliament and answer questions.”

The head of state also stated that he is ready to initiate the process of creating the Office of the Leader of Opposition, to further strengthen the opposition in the country.

“I have also said that even if they need a bigger office of the leader of the opposition, I am ready to create the office of the leader of the opposition that will be fully funded by the government so that they may be able to properly execute their mandate of oversight.”

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