Promising young man dies mysteriously a day before his wedding

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Fredrick Gitau was a promising young man, who was scheduled to wed his fiancée at Deliverance Church in Kahawa Sukari on Saturday, August 26.

Everything was set for the big day for a young theologian his friends have described as a prayer warrior and brother to all.

But there was an unfortunate development on the eve of the wedding day – Gitau was found dead in his house on Friday, August 25 morning.

Fredrick Gitau was to wed Joyce Waithira at Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari on Saturday, August 26, before the tragic incident happened.

Kiambu County Police Commander Perminus Muchangi says that foam was oozing from Gitau’s mouth at the time of finding his body, while the house was locked from the inside.

What happened?

Reports indicated that Gitau was dropped by his friends on Thursday, August 25 night, before he was found dead the following morning.

Fredrick Gitau was supposed to wed his fiancée at Deliverance Church in Kahawa Sukari on Saturday, August 26, but he was found dead on Friday morning.

It is also reported that Gitau – earlier Thursday – had texted his sister, telling her that if anything happened to him, she should inform the police who was responsible.

Close friends also say that Gitau – coming from an affluent family – did not take alcohol, and was on the verge of becoming a pastor.

But even as police have kicked off investigations into the incident, there are more questions than answers.

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