Gladys Shollei: We are creating opposition leader’s office to make Raila productive

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National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Boss now says that the Office of the Official Opposition Leader is being created specifically for Raila Odinga.

Boss, who’s also the Uasin Gishu County Woman Rep., says that entrenching the position in Kenya’s political system will make Azimio-One Kenya leader Raila Odinga more productive and legitimate.

Uasin Gishu Woman Rep. Gladys Boss Shollei says that Raila Odinga (pictured) has contested every presidential election result he has participated in, even going to the streets and causing mayhem. Gladys says that to solve this, Raila has to be given an office that will make him more productive in keeping the government in check.

“The Office of the Opposition Leader is being created to make Raila Odinga productive and Legitimate.

To give him something to do that is more useful to Kenyans than going to the streets and causing mayhem,” she said during an interview with KTN News on Monday, August 28 morning.

Raila causing mayhem

Boss says that Raila has contested all the presidential election results he has participated in, and always resorts to going to the streets and “causing mayhem”.

By creating this position, she says that Raila – and subsequent opposition leaders – will be utilised maximumly in keeping the government of the day in check, to the benefit of Kenyans.

Not necessarily referendum

A lawyer by profession, Boss says that to create the position does not necessarily mean Kenyans going into another referendum.

“We don’t necessarily need to amend the Constitution. We can simply amend the Political Parties Act and the Elections Act,

“So we can amend the laws and say, political parties will nominate the person who came second in a presidential election to be nominated as an MP, and automatically become the minority leader,” she opines.

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