Sports CS Ababu Namwamba: I have no beef with MPs for summoning me

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Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports Ababu Namwamba says he has no problem with parliamentarians for summoning him earlier this week.

CS Namwamba appeared before the National Assembly on Wednesday, August 23 to answer questions from Members of Parliament (MPs) about the management of the sports docket.

It all began when National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah expressed dissatisfaction with the Sports CS during a house sitting on August 17.

National leaders chimed in the debate through interviews and social media, spelling out numerous complaints about loopholes in the ministry.

Thick Skin

Namwamba, speaking to Willis Raburu on Friday during the debut of TV47’s entertainment show Wabebe Experience, said he was not affected by sentiments from the legislators.

“I have sat in Parliament for 10 years as an MP, as a chair of various significant committees. I have sat in that parliament as Secretary General of ODM- a very political position- so I have felt every emotion imaginable,” he began.

The sports minister said therefore that he had developed a thick skin and could easily handle the heat on social media.

“I look at the summoning in the context of oversight. Of course being a house of politics, you cannot miss a dose of politics but that is part of the game so you flow with it,” Namwamba stated.

Online Hate

He was however sympathetic towards his family and close aides who he admitted were affected by the social media trolls.

“I got into this public space pretty early in my life so you get used to kind of stuff. You worry a lot about the people around you, family, friends, associates, because some of the stuff that flies around can be quite unsettling.”


Namwamba came under fire from MPs who accused him of embezzling funds and neglecting sports personalities which has reportedly affected their performance in international sports competitions.

National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei claimed athletes wore fake uniforms, were not catered for after landing from global competitions and their grievances were not considered.

“I have hosted them (athletes) at my house because the CS is not bothered. They have told me some of the horror stories of what happens to them; they fly economy while ministry officials fly business class, and sometimes they have layovers of up to 14 hours,” Shollei added.

CS Namwamba maintained that the allegations raised against him were not sufficient to warrant his resignation.

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