Comedian Mulamwa regrets being famous, reveals when he will leave social media

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Kenyan comedian David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah now regrets being famous.

Speaking in a local interview, Mulamwah admitted that he has gained financial milestones but also experienced emotional turmoil on social media.

“At times I am amazed at how I manage to get up every day and get back on social media and do my things. I have seen it all kwa hii online,” he stated, chuckling.

The comedian went on to say that when he achieves his goals he will no longer be active on social media unless for entrepreneurial purposes.

“It will reach a point where you will not see me at all on social media. Mi hujiambia wacha nimalize keja, nishike kagari then wasee hatawahiniona online. Hivo ndio iko locked kwa mind yangu”

He hinted at creating pseudo-social media accounts from where he will keep up with trending news as a fan and not a content creator.

“I will leave my accounts to artists because I am planning on signing artists. Kama ni mistari naandikia other entertainers and that’s it,” Mulamwah.

However, this plan, he said, is pegged on the period of time it will take him to achieve his life plan.

“When my businesses, and finances are all aligned then I will take a step back from social media, because frankly speaking, you cannot stay on social media until you die.”

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