Freshi Barida: Stivo Simple Boy ready to launch juice brand

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Julius Jumah
Julius Jumah
A multimedia journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya’s rap sensation, Stephen Otieno Adera, widely recognized as Stivo Simple Boy, has ignited a wave of excitement among his fans and the nation as a whole.

On Thursday via a statement on his social media platforms, Simple Boy revealed that his highly anticipated juice brand is now a reality.

Kenyan rapper Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stivo Simple Boy. [Photo/Courtesy].

The artiste who has been a recurrent figure in the headlines for various reasons, announced that his “Freshi Barida” juice will imminently grace the store shelves.

“The time for the launch has come now. Whom would you like us to invite to the launch of our juice brand?” Simple Boy posed.

The inception of the Freshi Barida juice brand traces back to 2022. During an interview, Stivo Simple Boy ingeniously used these two words to convey a sense of being composed and well, as a reply to a greeting.

Stivo Simple Boy in his artistic attire during the shoot of his hit song ‘Tuheshimu Ndoa’. [Photo/Courtesy].

This response unexpectedly set off a chain of vibrant reactions among Kenyans across various social media platforms.

Seizing the moment, the 33-year-old artist harnessed the phrase’s newfound popularity and transformed it into a refreshing beverage concept.

Furthermore, the artist extended the appeal of his brand by introducing a line of merchandise bearing the same catchy slogan, ‘Freshi Barida,’ alongside the well-received ‘Ndio Maanake’ merchandise, which took inspiration from one of his songs.

Simple Boy extended the appeal of his brand by introducing a line of merchandise. [Photo/Courtesy].

Both phrases have deeply resonated with Kenyans, and Stivo’s creative prowess has elevated them beyond mere expressions, culminating in the creation of hit songs.

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