Lady delivers single baby despite believing she would deliver twins

A mother has given birth to only one baby despite having a massive pregnancy bump. The mother, Mildred, posted a video to show off her baby after giving birth, and her followers were surprised she had only one baby.

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Mildred’s video stirred quite the buzz among her TikTok crew. Some of her followers were amazed by the size of her baby bump.

Netizens had a surprising theory: they speculated she might have been expecting not one, but two little ones. The sheer magnitude of her belly had sparked this twin speculation.

Bundle of joy

She joyfully welcomed a bouncing baby boy into the world and proudly shared the moment on TikTok.

Mildred uploaded a quick video clip to mark the occasion and introduce her precious newborn while the little one had only spent a handful of hours in this world.

Netizens disappointed with the results

Interestingly, some of Mildred’s TikTok buddies were too surprised and expressed their shock.

They couldn’t help but express their astonishment at the sheer size of her baby bump during pregnancy.

In fact, a few of them even guessed that she might have been harbouring not just one, but two little ones and were flabbergasted when she publicized just one baby.

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