Entertainer Akothee proposes a Kenyan cultural month to President Ruto

President Ruto and Akothee

Entertainer sensation Akothee Schweizer has gotten people talking after she proposed a Kenyan cultural month to President Ruto.

Akothee reposted a photo circulating online of President Ruto in Maasai attire. Many Kenyans online have praised the outfit as a showcase of Kenyan culture and pride,

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Akothee reposted the photo on Instagram, making a proposal for a cultural showcase month.

President Ruto in Maasai attire at Sekenani, Maasai Mara

This photo has killed it, His Excellency; just imagine if we can have a Kenyan national cultural month and have all dignitaries dress in their regalia, showcasing all the 47 different dialects, their history, culture, and cuisine,” she said.

Mrs Schweizer said that having dignitaries wear Kenyan cultural attire will boost the tourism sector and “take a different turn“. She said this would fully take advantage of the vast flight plan across the country.

Akothee’s post on her Instagram account

Nonetheless, Akothee also took satirical aim at the Ministry of Sports initiative dubbed “Talanta Hela,” but kept it at that, saying, “I love my culture. Die hard of Kenyan culture.

Do you think having a national cultural week will help boost the Kenyan tourism sector?



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