Dramatic police chase leads to recovery of 8 sacs of bhang from Tanzania

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Police in Migori County have intercepted bhang haul at the border of Kenya and Tanzania while on transit to an unknown destination.

According to Migori County Police Commander Peter Kimani, the bhang haul was intercepted by Anti-Stock Theft Unit police on patrol in Getongoroma and Masangora.

Kimani says the officers laid an ambush and tried to stop a lorry, with the driver defying the orders and driving fast towards Masangora.

This prompted the officers to give a chase before the occupants of the lorry abandoned the vehicle and ran away.

Upon searching the lorry, police discovered eight (8) sacks of bhang that were being transported to an unknown destination from Tanzania.

The police boss vowed to make sure that he deals with the illegal narcotics trade on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

The bhang haul has been kept at Migori Police Station as investigations continue to establish and arrest the owners of the illicit drug.

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