Court dismisses woman seeking R56,000 monthly from ex-boyfriend

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A High Court in Western Cape, South Africa on Wednesday, August 23 dismissed a case filed by a woman who was seeking R56,000 monthly as maintenance from ex-boyfriend.

The woman and her ex-boyfriend had three children together after dating for 9 years. The two broke up in April 2022.

After the brake up, the man drastically reduced the amount he was giving to the woman and threatened to cancel the lease of her home where she stays with the children.

At some point, the ex-boyfriend filed a case in court seeking to take the three children away from her.

She supported her case by explaining to the court that she had no stable source of income and cannot take care of herself with children without additional support from her former boyfriend.

However, in his defence, the ex-boyfriend maintained that he had no duty to support the woman, adding that she can take care of herself.

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