Bus ferrying pupils from music festival razed down by deadly inferno

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Julius Jumah
Julius Jumah
A multimedia journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya.

A bus carrying pupils and teachers returning from a school music festival was on Wednesday morning razed down by an inferno.

The incident occurred in Pallisa District, Eastern Uganda, some 120km from the Kenyan border of Busia. They were returning from Serere District where the festival was held.

According to the police, the bus belonging to the Kakise Coaches went up in flames following a tyre burst at Atoot Swamp in Ngora District, Eastern Uganda.

No casualties were reported from the accident as all the occupants of the bus were evacuated in good time. The bus was towed to Ngora Central Police Station.

“All the learners and their teachers were safely evacuated except their property which was burnt to ashes,” the police said.

The bus inferno incident has been recorded at the traffic department under number TAR 50/203 and investigations launched; with the police taking statements from the teachers and drivers.

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