Ailing politician ready to wash clothes,clean hospital to offset medical bill

In an unexpected twist, the ailing Kawempe North MP, Muhammad Ssegirinya, might soon find himself scrubbing more than just legislative matters. He's facing an unusual ultimatum from the Amsterdam Universitair Medische Centra (UMC) Hospital in Netherlands, where he's been battling his medical woes since August 1st.

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An ailing MP from Uganda has said he is willing to clean the hospital and or wash the bed sheets if he fails to afford the hospital bill of UGS 80 million that he has accrued.

MP Ssegirinya Muhammad said the Amsterdam Universitair Medische Centra (UMC) Hospital, Netherlands, where he has been receiving treatment gave him the option of cleaning the hospital or washing its bed sheets.

Long way to recovery

The internal medicine officer, Mr. SJ Bogers, said the politician’s stay as a patient is far from over.

He estimated at least three more weeks under their care.

Speaking about his predicament, Ssegirinya voiced his concerns:

“The situation is worrying and I am only lucky that I am outside the country but if it was in Africa, I would be off treatment now. Here, they agreed to treat me and said if I fail to raise the money, I will clean the hospital and or wash the bed sheets. I told them to go ahead and save my life. I will do as they say,”

The legislator, who had been incarcerated for over a year, was flown to Germany on August 1 for specialized treatment.

Ssegirinya Muhammad in his office.

Legislator lashes out at Parliament

A frustrated Ssegirinya Muhammad lashed out at Parliament, accusing them of turning a blind eye to his plight.

According to Ugandan law, members of Parliament are entitled to medical evacuation for treatment inside or outside the country.

“I have spent my own money now amounting to Shs70 million on medical treatment in Nairobi and here in Germany. I don’t have any money with me, yet the hospital needs money. I don’t know what I will do now,”

Ssegirinya expressed, revealing his exasperation.

The battle continues

Ssegirinya said with the exception of buying him an air ticket to Nairobi, Parliament has never footed a single medical bill since his travel.

He said he is undergoing treatment for suspected poisoning. But he said doctors have not told him which exact poisonous substances have been discovered. 

However, even amidst his trials, one thing is clear: the politician’s fighting spirit remains steadfast, whether he’s on the parliamentary floor or hospital ward.

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