When the going gets tough, the tough get going! The incredible story of Bernard Musau

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“Mwalimu wa Maths, hapa ni wapi? Hapa ni wapi?”

Using the now-popular phrase on social media is all fun and games until you are actually a mathematics teacher.

Bernard Musau, a Pure Science graduate, now a Math and Chemistry teacher is on the road to permanent and pensionable employment and getting a Teachers Service Commission (TSC) number after pursuing his Postgraduate Diploma at Mount Kenya University (MKU).

Mr Musau’s decision to go back to school is proof of a man who refuses to stay down even when life knocks him down.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he tried looking for employment in vain.

As a family man with dependants, he took the punches with strength he barely knew he had and applied for the diploma course at MKU.

He tells ‘TV47 Digital’ that his greatest challenge was the mandatory unpaid teaching practice as is required by TSC.

One and a half years later he graduated with a job as a high school teacher and a new filled hope in life that the grass is certainly greener on the other side.

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