60 Africans drown trying to cross Atlantic Ocean for ‘good life’ in Europe

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More than 60 migrants from Senegal are feared dead after a boat they were traveling in capsized in the Atlantic Ocean.

The boat was reportedly found on Tuesday, August 16 by coast guards about 385 miles off the coast of West Africa.

Dozens, including children aged between 12 and 17, were rescued with dozens still missing. They were trying to illegally crossover to Europe.

It is not uncommon for Africans trying to illegally access Spain or Italy across the Atlantic Ocean for greener pastures to drown.

Senegal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the boat, which was headed for Spain, left the country on July 10, 2023, with more than 100 migrants on board.

About 10 days later, some of their relatives raised concern after efforts to get through to the sea travelers bore no fruit.

The ministry said it was in communication with authorities from Cape Verde to make arrangements for repatriation of its citizens.

Statistics from a refugee advocacy organisation named Walking Borders indicate that nearly 1,000 migrants died between January and June 2023 as they tried crossing over to Spain by sea.

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