Unraveling Kenya’s deadly protests and gov’t recent fight with the press

Deadly protests

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Kenya has in recent months experienced a wave of anti-tax protests against the already high cost of living. At least 30 people were confirmed dead by the opposition Azimio coalition who blamed the police for using extra force to dent the demonstrations.

Africanews spoke to one of the local journalists in Kenya, Timothy Simwa, who linked the protest to a defiance of the new tax by President Ruto’s regime.

“But at least on the issue of the cost of living in the country at the moment, both and seem to be agreeing perhaps where the rubber meets the road is how we exactly tackle this situation. We have seen the finance bill, which was enacted into an act by the president, attracting a lot of controversies, at least from opinion polls. Many Kenyans, while opposed to this,” said Timothy Simwa, a K24 Journalist.

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