Meet the five longest-serving Buganda clans of the longest-serving Kabaka

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Buganda Kingdom is celebrating the 30th coronation anniversary of the Kingdom’s King (Kabaka) Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II today (Monday, July 31st, 2023). The theme for this year’s celebration centres around clans highlighting that it is past time for members of diverse clans to understand their significance. Under this theme, we look at the five original clans of Buganda and the great merger that has defined the Kingdom to this day.

Let us look back at the major five clans that existed before Buganda became a Kingdom and their roles/duties.

Before it was known as Buganda, in the 12th century the region was known as Muwaawa (a place that is sparsely populated). It is believed that the natives came from Abyssinia through the rift valley and the mountains of Elgon.

They were organized into groups that had a common ancestry and constituted the most important unit in Buganda’s culture – the clan. There were five original clans referred to as Banansangwa or Ebika Binansangwa (the indigenous clans) and they are; the Ffumbe clan, Lugave clan, Ngeye clan, Njaza clan and Nyonyi Nyange clan.

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