Gov’t Unveils New Paybill Number For Payment Of All Services

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President William Ruto has ordered the closure of all existing non-designated government Paybill Numbers and a transition to pave way for a single payment platform by next week

In a statement issued by Secretary to the Cabinet Mercy Wanjau on Friday, the President directed all ministries to terminate all remaining non-designated payment platforms and migrate to the newly designated Paybill Number, 222222 by Tuesday, August 8, 2023, in line with his administration’s plan to digitize government services.

He said the plan would ensure e-Citizen remains the Digital Payments Platform while 222222 becomes the sole Paybill payment platform.

According to the President, the migration will set the stage for the onboarding of all government services onto the e-Citizen online platform by the end of September.

“Transition of all payments to the government to a single payment platform under the designated Paybill Number 222222 and closure of all existing non-designated Paybill Numbers by 10th August 2023 and  Onboarding of all Government services onto the e-Citizen platform by 30th September 2023,” stated Wanjau.

Gov’t Unveils New Paybill Number For Payment Of All Services

The ministries and State departments have also been directed to submit a report of compliance by the end of Tuesday and another report detailing the mapping of services by Friday.

“In light of the foregoing, all Ministries, State Departments and State Agencies are directed to Provide a Compliance status report by 5:00 pm on 8th August 2023, on a comply or explain basis…Submit a report of all services mapped out for onboarding onto the e-Citizen platform in your portfolio, by 5:00 pm on 11th August…” stated Wanjau.

The directive further requires all public accounting officers in State departments countrywide to take the sole responsibility to ensure current Paybills are terminated and payments channelled accordingly.

“It is further notified that accounting officers will be held personally responsible for the full discharge and compliance of the directives herein,” added Wanjau.

“Accordingly, and by way of this circular, all Accounting Officers across Ministries, State Departments and State Agencies are directed to secure urgent transmission of this circular to all institutions under their charge and to facilitate engagements with the e-Citizen team as may be necessary.”

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