Fathers take charge of breastfeeding to improve child health in remote parts of Kajiado

Breastfeeding to improve child health

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Breastfeeding was not a major concern for the first-time father, who eagerly waited to cuddle his bundle of joy.

All that Leparakuo Ole Shilalo wanted was to have his baby, and walk home together with his wife Edna, ready for celebrations to usher him into fatherhood as per the Maasai culture.

As he anxiously waited on a bench outside the Kajiado Hospital’s Mother and Child Unit to have his baby, he was ushered by a nurse into a room, where he was trained on the importance of breastfeeding.

“As a father, I did not understand my role in breastfeeding, I thought my wife needed more training than I do. However, the training changed my attitude and increased support towards my lactating wife,” narrates Shilalo.

On discharge, Shilalo employed a helper to support his wife with chores, and bought adequate food for her feeding.

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