A woman who has a sponsor is looking for lifestyle perks, not romance

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True story. A middle-level manager at a big bank recently promoted some young girl to an undeserved position with hopes of enticing her to sleep with him. The young, light-skinned girl, with looks and curves to kill is, the type any man touches not, unless he can manage her lifestyle, attitude and ambition (ambition especially). The type that always goes to the man at the top.  

Once promoted, the girl promptly ignored the middle-aged chap, and started sleeping with the boss, who is older than the poor middle-level manager. Soon, the big boss promoted her to a much bigger position and just like a joke, she was soon the boss of the middle-aged manager. She started treating the man like trash. Because he is trash. My informer told me that the man overlooked a man who was more than qualified, and thinking with his penis, promoted the woman. Serves him right!

I have come to a scientific conclusion that being a sponsor is a mental handicap. I can’t afford to be a sponsor on a columnist’s income and this could be sheer envy. But still…  

I don’t mind men who keep one decent mistress. I don’t mind occasional gifts for women who offer bodily comfort and help these men rediscover their youth. But to treat these women as second wives (if older) or daughters (if younger) and allowing them to fleece you with entitlement, borders on insanity.

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